Detail of Garage DOG's glass coating effect

Detail of Garage DOG's glass coating effect

glass coating effect

Ultra-Hard Coating (Hardness)

By polymerizing the glass fiber and cellulose fiber, we successfully created a both hard and flexible coating of Mohs hardness 6 (9H)! This hard and dense coating does not allow any dirt or scratches.


Ultra-Shiny Coating (Durability)

The ultra-hard, colorless and transparent coating shines brightly as if crystal glass is used.
Since the resin coating focuses on protecting the paint surface, the coating itself doesn’t have the function to put a gloss on it.
Our recommended coating solution offers 130% of glossiness compared to before the treatment for a long period of time.
If this is applied to a brand-new vehicle, upgraded glossiness will be maintained for 5 years.


Ultra-Durable Coating

Since oxidizing agents such as petroleum solvent and surfactant are not used at all, the coating does not cause color fading, cracking or degradation by oxidation, and thus the effect will last for a long period of time. Also, its hydrophilicity prevents damages to the coating by waterdrops’ lens effect.


English translation of the picture below is currently being prepared.


Japanese Sentence

ガレージdog 施工効果





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