FAQ of Garage DOG's glass coating.

FAQ of Garage DOG's glass coating

Glass Coating ~Q&A~

Q: I wax my car every week, but the effect doesn’t last long enough…

A: Our recommended “Glass Coating” lasts for a long period of time.
Weekly waxing isn’t necessary, and it is enough to simply wash your car with water!!


Q: The car body has a rough surface and isn’t glossy anymore, can it become better?

A: Of course it can!
Except for wide scratches, it will become smooth and glossy!


Q: Do we need “Glass Coating” even though we have just bought a brand-new car?

A: Yes you do!! That is all the more reason to recommend “Glass Coating”!
Even for a brand-new car, as time passes, the paint surface will be damaged little by little.
Wouldn’t you like to keep the good condition of your brand-new car longer? We highly recommend that you try our specialty “Glass Coating”!!


English translation of the picture below is currently being prepared.


Japanese Sentence

ガレージdog グラスコーティング Q&A




新車だからといってほったらかしは、良くありません! 時間が経つにつれて、塗装の状態は悪くなります。
どうせなら、新車の状態を長持ちさせたくありませんか? 断然コーティングをオススメ致します!

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